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  •  各種原因引起的痕癢:  包括外因和內因。外因, 例如蚊叮蟲咬,化妝品,清潔劑,化學品等外來物的刺激。內因,則指五臟六腑不調,而由體內引發的皮膚瘙癢。本公司製造的 嫩膚康乳膏/膚康霜,均能迅速消除上述原因造成的痕癢. 令您即時獲得輕鬆舒適的感覺。
  • 皮膚乾燥皺裂: 因天氣乾燥,或因多次接觸去油脂物質,或随年齡增長皮膚老化,失水引致的皮膚乾枯爆裂,及痕癢出血。我們的系列產品, 具有保濕、 滋潤、營養作用的膏霜, 會很快幫助您解決皮膚乾燥皺裂的問題。
  • 主婦手/主男手:  即不管您是男還是女,手掌甩皮、奇癢,甚至因痕癢而抓破雙手。本公司的四季霜/特效護手霜,其天然本草精華具有防止細菌感染、消炎止癢、迅速恢復正常肌膚之特殊功效。
  • 皮膚斑紋, 皺紋, 青春痘等皮膚問題的修復護理詳情請參看我們的 “ 產品介紹 ”。

Introduction to skin health care

  • *Various causes of itchiness including external and internal factors.
Examples of external factors. For example, mosquito and insect bite, stimulation of detergents ,chemicals and other foreign substance. For endopathic cause,it would mean that the body’ internal organs disorders, therefore resulted in skin itch. NENFUKANG/FUKANG Cream manufactured by our company are able to rapidly eliminate the itchiness and make you instantly have a relaxed comfortable feeling.
  • * Dry skin and cracked skin
Due to dry weather, or repeated contact with degreasing agent, or skin water loss caused by aging, The skin becomes dry and crack. Our series of products can help you quickly replenish water loss,moisturize skin, promote skin elasticity and defend aging.
  • Housewife hand  ’
Housewife hand that means your hands are peeling, redness, itching. There are Special Effect Hand Cream and Seasons Cream in our company. They contain natural herbal essence which having special efficacy of prevent bacterial infection,antiinflammation and anti-pruritus, so they are excellent for your hands, only apply a few days, your hands will not dry, not desquamate, not itch and will return to normal state.
  • *Skin spots, wrinkles, acne and other skin problems
For detailed information, please read our Product Introduction .


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