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Tian Ran Fang Health Care Products Co.Hong Kong
      公司成立於2002年, 原名: 香港恆康藥業公司,之後更改為: 香港恆康藥業有限公司,近期為擴展業務,適應市場需求,更名為現今的香港天然坊保健品公司

      十幾年來,公司的藥學專家、天然有機化學碩士研究生一直致力研製一系列保健護膚產品。記住: 是專業的保健護膚品,非一般美容化妝品! 其特點是以天然本草精華為活性護膚成份,根據各種不同的皮膚問題,發揮其藥學護理保健作用。從而達到迅速消除皮膚不適, 恢復肌膚正常功能,真正呵護您的皮膚,還您皮膚舒適健康的感覺。

  公司的宗旨是:  “ 產品質量第一,顧客至上。 ” 為確保產品質量,產品的主要原材料均選自紐西蘭、意大利、法國、西班牙、及澳大利亞等國家。產品絕對是100%香港製造。

  我們的產品十多年來,自投放到香港市場後,深得客戶信賴和好評。用家的反饋意見是: 效果好,無副作用,真正能維護肌膚的健康。目前產品亦有部份由用家介紹到馬來西亞、新加坡、泰國及中國等周邊國家。本公司歡迎業內同仁以任何形式與我們共同拓展國際市場,為人類的健美作出應有的貢獻!

About us

Our company was founded in 2002, its original name was Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Company. Afterwards, the name was changed to Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. In recent years, to expand its business and to meet market demand, its name was changed to today’s Tian Ran Fang Health Care Products Co. Hong Kong.

In more than ten years, the company’s pharmaceutical specialist and postgraduates who major in natural organic chemistry devote to researching and developing a range of health care products . Remember that the products are professional health care products for your skin, instead of ordinary cosmetics. Activity of product was characterized with natural herbal extracts for skin care ingredients. Based on a variety of skin problems, their pharmaceutical nursing role to play, to achive the elimination of skin discomfort and restoring the normal function of the skin. Really take good care of your skin, give your skin feeling health and comfortable.

The aim of company is ' quality first, customer highest ' . In order to ensure the quality of products, the main raw materials are selected from Newsland, Italy, France,Spain , Australia and other countries. The products are completely made in Hong Kong.

Our products have been sold in Hong Kong market for a dozen years, always get the user’s trust and favorable comments. User feedback is ‘Good effect, no side effects ’. At present , some products have been exported to China, Malaysia,Singapore, Bangkok and other countries by some of our customers. Our company will cordially welcome friends of counterparts to visit us for business and to expand the international market with us, and to make a due contribution to health and beauty of mankind!


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